Salty at Heart brings together collective insight, knowledge, and inspiration for the greater good. It is artistic and nature-minded with down-to-earth stories, poems, interviews, and art that empower women, promote equality, and inspire a sustainable future. The name Salty at Heart is a metaphor for the connection of all life on Earth and our profound connection to the sea. The content is universal and highlights the work of female change-makers across the globe.



Poetry: We are always looking for poetry that expresses the human condition, revels in the power and beauty of nature, tells an enlightening story, brings us on a wild adventure, or empowers us to think deeper about the world around us. 

Stories: We accept narratives and essays that are honest yet uplifting, with an underlying appreciation for community, nature, science, sustainability, and human connection. Do you have a message or idea to share? Do you have an important discovery to reveal or knowledge to share from your work, travels, or research? We would love to publish your creative voice and ideas. 

Interviews: We also accept interviews of inspiring female intellectuals, activists, scientists, humanitarians, explorers, politicians, or any badass change-maker. Feel free to pitch us the interview before starting the interview process. 

Art: Are you an artist with a focus on nature, adventure, human rights, or anything in-between? Send us your portfolio and we would love to consider featuring your work. All forms of creativity are up for consideration (film, illustrations, murals, graphic design, etc). 

Photography: Calling all photographers with a purpose! We look for conservation and wildlife storytelling, nature and adventure photos (mountains, oceans, and everything in between), people-based storytelling that shines a light on the human condition, or anything that furthers our understanding of each other and this world. 


Before submitting your work be sure to look through a past issue to get a feel for our content and style. All samples, queries, and correspondence should be sent to the editor at submissions@saltyatheart.com with SUBMISSION in the subject line. In the email please include:

1. your full name

2. a mailing address (to send you a copy!)

3. a mini bio about yourself

We will not accept articles, photographs, or poems that were created exclusively for another publication. However, publication on your personal blog or certain online journals is permitted. If your work has been previously published elsewhere, you must indicate when and where in your email. Because we are still a very small publication, we unfortunately cannot offer compensation to our contributors at this time. All contributors receive salty swag and copies of the issue in which their work was used.

We will not accept simultaneous submissions. While your work is under consideration we ask that you do not submit the same idea to competing web or print publishers.  If we are interested in using your work, you will be contacted by the editor directly, however feel free to follow up on your submission if you have not heard back. If your work is not published in the upcoming journal issue for which you submitted, you may submit your work elsewhere. On occasion, we request to use certain submissions in a later issue. It is the responsibility of the submitting artist to ensure that no copyright infringement has occurred and that all submitted work is their own. 

Salty at Heart Journal is a semi-annual publication, so time sensitive or seasonal material is not recommended. We do not publish news or press releases. We encourage and embrace diverse voices and viewpoints, and feature work from all corners of the globe. 


Issue 4 - May 20

Issue 5 - TBD