Thanks for your interest in contributing to Salty at Heart Journal! We are always looking for engaging content. Our journal publishes interviews, stories, poems, essays, art, and photography. In particular, we look for content that highlights an idea or cause related to human rights, sustainability, adventure, women empowerment, nature, science, creativity, and wellness. Before submitting your work be sure to read a past issue in order to get a feel for our content and style. Our brand, Salty at Heart, is a metaphor for the connection of all life on Earth and our profound connection to the sea. The content is universal and makes connections between nature, society, and the cosmos at large and highlights the work of female change-makers across the globe.



Any work you submit must be your own work unless you are submitting photos to go along with your piece (in which case you must have permission and all photographers must be credited). There are no word limits on articles. Salty at Heart Journal is a semi-annual publication, so time sensative or seasonal material is not recommended. We encourage and embrace diverse voices and viewpoints, and feature work from all corners of the globe. Send all submissions to Please include a headshot/bio photo and mailing address.  The deadline for submissions for the next issue is December 31st, 2017.