Salty at Heart has recently acquired nonprofit tax-exempt status and has been growing its team of talented, passionate, creatives and go-getters to help us follow our mission. For 2017 we have many goals set in place and need to grow our team in order to tackle them. If you are stoked about our mission and want to help us spearhead this project, read on!

Who will you be working with

So who are we anyways? We are goofy and fun, and diverse in our skills and personalities, but united in the desire to inspire and bring about positive change. We are not all surfers, but share a common love for the sea and this planet.

Basic Requirements

Please note that these are all volunteer positions (as are all positions right now). Hours are minimal and can be easily managed with a full-time job. However, we do ask that you only apply if you feel your schedule will allow. These positions can be done remotely but do require a skype and email account. You also must be a US citizen, except for the Ambassador positions, which can be international applicants.

How to Apply

If you want to be a part of the movement and believe you have the skill set to join the team, please email us your resume, a detailed paragraph describing why you would make a great fit for Salty at Heart, and state which position you are applying for. Please put “SALTY TEAM” in the subject line and send to All positions are open until filled. 

1)      Advisor in Law/Business to join our Board of Directors: Must possess an understanding of non-profit law (preferably in the state of FL) and/or have experience or education in Business or Nonprofit Management. This would require advisory emails/phone calls and monthly skype meetings.

2)      Treasurer to join our Board of Directors: ~POSITION FILLED~You must possess experience with accounting and/or finance. The duties would include tracking yearly tax forms, making sure we are receiving enough funding, and assisting with finances and budgeting. This would require advisory emails/phone calls and monthly skype meetings.

3)      Sponsorship Chair to join our Board of Directors:  This position involves acquiring corporate sponsors to back each of our journal issues. You would be the main point of contact for our corporate sponsors and would be in charge of making sure we have enough funding coming from sponsorship. We prefer someone with sales, business, or outreach experience with a familiarity with the surf, travel, adventure, and sustainable products industries. 

4)      Blog Editor: This position would involve editing and posting blog articles on our website and being the main point of contact for our blog writers. Articles will come from ambassadors, freelancers, and extra articles that could not fit in the journal publication. This position requires timely updated postings, editing experience, a good understanding of the type of content we post, and experience with Squarespace and web design.

5)      Ambassador: POSITION FILLED A Salty Ambassador is a person who believes in our mission and represents our organization within their community. This involves writing blog posts, posting on social media, hanging flyers, and promoting Salty at Heart at local events near you. This requires writing skills, a passion for equality and sustainability, and experience with outreach or community initiatives. If you are interested in an ambassador position, please email Anna for the application materials at